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  1. U

    Issue with GT-AXE11000 firmware not saving. /data partition mounting in read-only.

    Been having some, weirdness with my router the last week or so and its come to a head. @GT-AXE11000-2730:/tmp/home/root# nvram commit wlcsm_nvram_commit:641 could not open nvram file copy_file:217 Could not open file:/data/.kernel_nvram.setting UIhhhhhhhhhhhhh...
  2. M

    Scheduled check for new firmware availability source

    I'm using a RT-AX86U and it has a "Scheduled check for new firmware availability" feature. I see that whenever a new update is available, a flashing bell appears at the top of the webpage. Regarding this schedule, how often does it run? Is the schedule configurable? I see that there are a...
  3. Yota

    [Discussion] Remove several OpenVPN clients from RT-AC68U to reduce high nvram usage

    Background: Many members using RT-AC68U/RT-AC1900P/RT-AC66U_B1 may have noticed high nvram usage since 386.9 firmware. For example, on 386.7_2, my nvram usage was around 55,000 bytes, but upgrading to 386.9 hit 60,000 bytes, and 386.10 remained around 60,000 bytes. And some members with...
  4. AppleBag

    Script to auto-manage Clients list in NVRAM?

    I posted this an another thread but it was overlooked, so I'll ask here; is there a script or something that I can add that will monitor my clients list for clients that haven't connected in X amount of time, and if so, save it's info (MAC + name and chosen icon) to a file, remove it from NVRAM...
  5. AppleBag

    Does switching USB port lose settings?

    Sort of a dumb question, but, last night I wanted to try adding dual WAN (DW). I added my android phone, played a bit, it acted squirrely, so I just turned it back off. Now, all of my forwarded ports are completely gone, and there's no way in H - E - Double Hockey Sticks do I remember offhand...
  6. R

    Any way to disable protected management frames on guest networks?

    Since 386.5, I've ran into some compatibility issues with protected management frames on a IoT device. Completely disabling it resolves the issues, but then I cannot use WPA3. I just had to reconfigure a lot of devices back to WPA2 just to get the problematic device to work again. I tried...
  7. M

    Default clkfreq nvram on RT-AX86U?

    Hello, I was transferring some /jffs/scripts from another router and one of the files had an overclock line "nvram set clkfreq=1200,800" that I missed. I tried to unset the value and did a factory reset but "nvram get clikfreq" value is still empty. Is there anything else I need to do?
  8. AppleBag

    How to NVRAM set a very long string?

    When trying to nvram set custom_clientlist, I have a very long string of roughly 3500 chars, and my terminal programs only accept about half of that before it gets cutoff; how can I set the entire string?
  9. AppleBag

    NVRAM Variable syntax question?

    I'm trying to edit the client_customlist variable and am a bit confused with the syntax; when I export it and then look at it, most of them end with 3 ">", like this: <S|GHome>E4:99:42:99:A6:99>0>23>>>> but there a re a couple that end with only 1, like this: <S|OL...
  10. R

    NVRAM still high after factory reset

    I have the Asus RT-AC68U with Merlin WRT for a while now. And this router and firmware is really awsome. I've configured all devices with MAC reserverd IP's. And this is going fast with home automation! There're about 22 devices connected this way all the time. But I had some troubles...
  11. A

    RT-AC86U WPS Clear NVRAM

    I just got a RT-AC86U and was trying to clear the NVRAM using the WPS button method like I have been doing on my RT-AC68R, but it isn't working. Only the power light comes on briefly and then turns off and then nothing happens. I've held the WPS button down for as long as a minute. I think it...
  12. S

    Force nvram settings after reboot

    So I have been having trouble using my router's Smart Connect because of region problems (bought US router in Europe and my router automatically uses 149+ control channel which is not allowed here so my 5GHz isn't detected at all). So I guess the only fix for this is changing nvram (by editing...
  13. P

    fw 380.70 bugs & problems

    Loaded brand new Asus RT-AC66U_B1 with Merlin 380.70. It was empty, but I did reset it after flashing it. Then configured everything manually. I have other similar routers configured exactly the same. Most are also DoubleNAT-ted like this one. 1. For no reason at all, router keeps doing...
  14. D

    Semi-bricked AC87U

    Hi everyone, I have an AC87U that just run-out of warranty 4 months ago and it broke, meaning that. Not working: - the 5GHz remains disabled after reboot - the WAN port does not connect over PPPoE and remains on red - the LAN ports (2,3,4) are not forwarding one to the other Is working: - I can...
  15. GK59

    High ram usage...

    Re: RT-AC86U, is this normal?
  16. R

    [RT-AC68U] kernel: nvram: consolidating space!

    Hello, I have a little problem with 68U. I have a log message: kernel: nvram: consolidating space! everyday at least once, sometimes even three times a day. When this occurs I get short few seconds of connection problems which are very frustrating when playing online games. I noticed that...
  17. N

    No Rescue Mode (Semi Solved)

    Hello all, I've been working on trying to update my TM-AC1900 router to the latest Merlin for hours now with much frustration. I also woke up to another issue but more on that after a little back story. I bought this router a couple of months ago and have already flashed it to Merlin 380.68_4...
  18. T

    VPN Clients only showing two instances.

    Guys, Thank you all for possible support and for reading through these various messages to help some of us out. For starters, I am a pretty sick person (crazy amounts of chemo and also MS) so I am pretty forgetful and have troubles getting things working on my own anymore but exhaust what...
  19. Adam Siemiginowski

    Limit Guest Network Bandwidth on Router + Access Point to Prevent Packet Loss

    Hi. I have a router (RT-AC87U) and access point (RT-AC5300) both running Merlin 380.68. My goal with this post is to document how to: limit a guest networks bandwidth to 40% of my total 60mbps down / 5mbps up connection, and if also possible, preserve Adaptive QoS functionality which ensures...
  20. C

    RT-AC66U B1 - Unable to set permanent iptables rules

    So I telnet to my router and enter my iptables commands: iptables -I FORWARD -o eth0 -m state --state NEW -j DROP iptables -I FORWARD -o eth0 -d x.x.x.x/24 -m state --state NEW -j ACCEPT iptables -A INPUT -s y.y.y.y -j DROP iptables -A OUTPUT -d y.y.y.y -j DROP Works fine, but those rules will...