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    Best powerline equipment when GFCI is part of the picture?

    Background: The house and my extra building with office are both on the same panel Panel has a whole house surge protector (it's SW Florida) No GCFI breakers in the panel but extra building is close to or 100% GFCI (per code) except for A/C unit The exterior walls of both are...
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    ASUS AIMESH & Powerline Adapter Together

    Hey all I’m hoping I’m posting in the correct sub-forum and following the rules. I’m very new to the technology world and have a few questions. I have recently built a house on my parents land that sits 100-150ft from the original house that has my router in the basement. There are no data...
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    TP-LINK powerline vs Netgear router: network coverage disappointment

    Hi all, I am aware that this post will be judged as perhaps trivial or quite unfounded. I hope some will stick with me. Let me make clear from the beginning that I am not a net enthusiast, but for pretty much everything in life, I like to have the best that my budget allows and thus I like to...
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    ASUS RT-AC5300 : Crashing on PowerLine network data use

    Hi Hoping someone might be able to perhaps identify or help identify what is causing this issue. Pretty certain it's router related and mostly seems to happen since upgrading to the latest release version. Operation Mode:Wireless router Firmware Version: 384.6 Essentially basic network...
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    What will give me decent speeds for streaming from 2 floors away?

    I have a brand new TP-Link AC2600 Router, but my two laptops that are running Kodi don't support the 5GHz band. The 2.4GHz band works, but at extremely slow speeds. My router is placed on the 3rd floor of my house (in my office), with 65mbps. The laptops are on the 1st floor and on 2.4GHz are...