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    ASUS AX 11000 PS4 NAT (Type)

    I have configured my AX 11000 out of the box. 2* 5GHZ Networks enabled and nothing changed. PS4 is connected to the network and works. But says it’s NAT Type 1. what do I have to do to get NAT Type 1?
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    PS4 Remote Play over VPN

    Hi all! I have PlayStation 4 Pro at home. As you may know Sony has an app / programm named PS4 Remote Play which lets users access PS4 remotely from their laptops / PCs / Android and iOS devices. This weekend I could not connect to my PS4 using PS4 Remote Play on my laptop (being ~1000 km away...
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    OpenVPN Subnet visibility at LAN subnet

    Hi, I have my LAN network on, and an OpenVPN server at subnet. From the VPN subnet I can access without problems my NAS and other servers on the LAN network by IP, but I cannot connect to my PS4 over remote play (it has static IP) through the VPN. I think it's...
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    PS4 Lag Issues after installing asus AC88u

    Since installing the RT-AC88U from asus I have been having serious lag issues on the PS4. The only setting I have modified is the VPN client, so I can turn on when needed. The PS4 lags with the VPN client in the off position, so really no changes to the standard settings. Any ideas?
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    Asus RT-AC5300 need help with PS4 setup

    Dear All Gurus, I just bought Asus RT-AC5300 and I am not an expert but I have OK knowledge of router setup. I have couple of questions, any help will be much appreciated. My setup: Here is my current setup (please see images below) I am using Adaptive QOS PS4 has highest priority (connected...
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    Needing Help Configuring RT-AC3100 to work best with wired PS4

    My internet service is 200Mb download. On a wired laptop my speed tests typically run 265 Mbps down, 32 Mbps up. My PS4 however typically runs a God awful 10 to 20 Mbps down with anywhere from less than 1 Mbps to if I'm lucky 3 Mbps up. I have disabled any QoS. I have disabled NAT...
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    Wifi transfer drops every 20 sec

    Hi guys. I am having some trouble with my wifi on the 5Ghz band, which I can't seem to fix myself. Not that technical with all the router settings, so was hoping for some pointers on what to try out to maybe fix it.. I'm using an AC-87U with Merlin 380.58 and trying to use PS4 Remote Play for...