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  1. S

    What is this "wan0_xipaddr", and why is it showing up in the GUI?

    Router: ASUSWRT-Merlin RT-AC68U 384.15_0 My ISP has me double-NATed, so I've got both an internal IP address and a public IP address. I can see my internal IP address with: nvram get wan0_ipaddr I can see my public IP address with: nvram get wan0_realip_ip But, when I check the "Internet...
  2. P

    TIP: How to get your public ipv4 address programmatical

    Of course you can open the WebUI to get your public ip address, but how about getting it programmatical? Actually, it's simple, just add this line to '/jffs/configs/dnsmasq.conf.add': interface-name=publicip.local,eth0/4 Now you can call: nslookup publicip.local or use for instance .Net's...
  3. 0x1D12ED

    4G USB WAN half solution and reconnect command issues

    After countless hours, countless days of reading in order to find a solution to my problem, having folders of bookmarks saved, I still was only able to decrease the daily disconnection quantities. I`ve got an RT-AC68u Firmware Version: 384.13 (with Entware and a mini Debian), I`m in the UK, my...
  4. lhjk

    GT AC5300 Public IP settings question

    Not sure if this is a router problem or not, but as my GT-AC5300 is acting weirdly, I thought I would ask here. I had a double NAT problem, which was caused by having a central modem some where in my apartment compartment for all the residents, and my Asus router at home. As all who are...
  5. C

    public ip from the inside

    hi my question is quite easy but unfortunately i can't find a solution for that. I have a couple of server in my LAN and i port mapped the router (Vodafone Station) to access the servers from the outside... Now my problem is that when i am outside i can access the server through the ip address...