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  1. Robert Giuffre

    Can you use a flash thumb drive to "extend" the RAM on an Asus RT-3100?

    I was looking at the specs of my Asus RT-3100, and it only has 128MB of NVRAM flash and 512MB of RAM. I don't think you can upgrade the amount of RAM. I often see both CPUs spike to 100% when I transfer files, and the RAM usage goes up to 95% or so and stays at 95% for a while. After a minute...
  2. S

    RAM full, Wifi crash, what can I do?

    Hi! While using Skype for video conferences my AC86U's Wifi keeps crashing atfer some time - sometimes it takes half an hour, sometimes only a few minutes. Wifi is gone then, neither my laptop or the smartphone can find the SSID anymore. I have to plug out and in the router to make the Wifi...
  3. N

    High CPU usage USB disk

    Hi I am running FW 384.14_2 in a AC2900 (AC86U) which has a AC68 aimesh node (also on FW 384.14_2). When I connect a NTFS USB3 disk to the AC2900 router CPU usage goes crazy (100% on one core alternating between the cores) and RAM is 100% usage. If I just umount the USB3 drive CPU drops to 1-2%...
  4. GK59

    High ram usage...

    Re: RT-AC86U, is this normal?