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Can you use a flash thumb drive to "extend" the RAM on an Asus RT-3100?

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Robert Giuffre

Occasional Visitor
I was looking at the specs of my Asus RT-3100, and it only has 128MB of NVRAM flash and 512MB of RAM. I don't think you can upgrade the amount of RAM.

I often see both CPUs spike to 100% when I transfer files, and the RAM usage goes up to 95% or so and stays at 95% for a while.
After a minute or so after the files copy, the RAM usage drops down to the mid-20%'s.
I'm thinking the router is using the internal RAM to buffer the incoming files, prior to writing to the disk.

I was wondering if you could use a USB thumb drive to "extend" the RAM on this router?
I thought it would be really cool to use a flash drive to extend the router's RAM. Plug it into the USB2 rear port or USB3 front port. Kind of like older versions of Windows could do.

Or is this what the swap file does?

Any thoughts or ideas?

You can add a USB swap file but it won't change anything. The router is using free RAM to cache disk reads/writes. It won't use virtual memory on disk to cache disk activity as that would be self-defeating.

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