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High CPU usage USB disk

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Hi I am running FW 384.14_2 in a AC2900 (AC86U) which has a AC68 aimesh node (also on FW 384.14_2).
When I connect a NTFS USB3 disk to the AC2900 router CPU usage goes crazy (100% on one core alternating between the cores) and RAM is 100% usage.

If I just umount the USB3 drive CPU drops to 1-2% and RAM usage to about 70-75%.

This looks like a bug in my opinion. Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Any solution to it?

That's usually caused by the router's media server being enabled (it is by default) so it's scanning every file on the disk.
I now turned off the mediaserver.
CPU is low again.

RAM is on 83% though. Seems samba/aicloud/remote sync takes some ram.

Is there anything suitable to tweak to free up RAM usage?

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