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  1. M

    RT-AC86U not detecting a cable

    I had a power outage and after that my AC86U router stopped detecting any cable I plug in, at any port, including WAN port. I can only access the router UI using Wi-Fi. While testing, by disabling and enabling my PC network adapter, the router logged these messages bellow once for LAN 4, but...
  2. P

    Asus wireless router AC3200 power led blinking

    Hello, After a few weeks seamless usage of wireless router power LED started blinking suddenly. I can not turn on/off led lights and wifi by pressing buttons on the router. I have no access to control panel. I tried to reset the router by pressing reset and WPS buttons. I tried to upload the...
  3. S

    Need firmware file v For DSL-N55U_C1

    I think the firmware in my router is corrupted. I have the Asus Restoration application but it (unsurprisingly) asks for a firmware file to upload and nowhere can I find one online including the Asus support section for the device. The extensions it is looking for are .trx .bin or .img. I...
  4. fivedollarmilkshake

    Help! AC66U wrong firmware uploaded (from AC68)

    Good day everyone. I mistakenly uploaded shibby arm trx to my ac66. Now router dows not respond on lan, asus restoration utility does not work (pc set, tftp just dows not start so i can't upload anything. Bought serial cable. and it shows this: Decompressing...done...