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  1. SandboxHaze

    Solved Help - Asus ZenWiFi CT8 - Specific device not roaming properly.

    Hi everyone, Just for the background first: I'm using the latest firmware I have the 2-pack Asus ZenWiFi CT8. 2.4GHz and 5GHz are separated I have tried switching the nodes as a main router. So I am getting these logs for my specific device OnePlus 7 Pro. Other devices are...
  2. J

    Beta ASUSWRT 386 RC2 public beta with full functions AiMesh 2.0

    Pretty cool developments, can't wait to finally try these long awaited 386 versions once they are finalized as a general release in the form of an @RMerlin firmware (once some more time goes by waiting for the GPL of course).:):cool:
  3. MailManX

    A Fine Mesh I'd Like To Be In (RT-AC86U)

    I currently have (4) T-Mobile TM-AC1900 routers all connected by ethernet Cat6. I've had these old routers for years and love them. They give me the coverage and speed I want and have not given me any trouble. I have given each router it's own SSID so that I can tell which one to use in various...
  4. L

    Keep my MacBook connected to my Router, not an AIMesh Node...

    So I have an Asus RT-AC88U router, with an RP-AC1900 access point being used as an AIMesh Node... Where I happen to sit while I work at home is located directly between the two, and my MacBook Pro is constantly switching between them. 4 or 5 times a day, it decides to switch, and every time it...
  5. octopus

    AiMesh Router/Nod suggestion(s)

    I have a problem / question. I have set up the AiMesh router and AiMesh node and wonder if anyone has blocked a client from roaming to the node. So stay on the AiMesh router. Roaming Block List only prevents roaming between nodes. They work fine with all wifi clients who are PHY "AC" the one...
  6. K

    AiMesh clients not connecting to nodes with strongest signal

    I have a bunch of home automation clients on 2.4Ghz I have AiMesh with AC-RT5300 and 2 x AC-RT68U nodes (all running I have a bunch of clients (particularly LIFX bulbs, though I'm not yet convinced they are the problem) that are not connecting to the router/node with...
  7. HuskyHerder

    Roaming block list, local only or sync across nodes (AIMesh)

    I was wondering if the list prohibits the device from moving to nodes aka it keeps the device on the Router only ? or the devices that are connected to a node, will it prevent it from roaming off that node including back to the router ? Basically my nodes are keeping the devices where they...
  8. N

    Roaming between native wifi and wired access point

    This is a naive question but one that I haven't seen discussed; I doubt it is unique to Asus routers (I've observed the same phenomenon with other routers), and I'm surprised more people don't comment on it. My setup is this: I have an Asus AC-68U router running Asus Merlin. In addition to...
  9. D

    Wireless Advice - Mikrotik

    Following deployment of a mikrotik RB1100AHx2 in my office and being very impressed, I'm now looking to replace my home system due to a dying Asus N66u. At present i have Wired Clients --> Netgear Prosafe Switch (House is full Cat 6 to this) --> (LAN) Asus N66u (Serving Wireless) (WAN) -->...
  10. B

    Need recommendation on router and two access points

    Need Recommendation for primary router and two access points. Current routers are four years old so time to upgrade. I have a large home wired with gigabit network. About 50 devices network with about 25 of those on wireless. I have 150Mbps up and down internet, and backup internet from...
  11. B

    How to properly setup Roaming on two ro more ASUS routers ?

    Hi, Is there a way to setup seamless roaming on two or more asus routers ? I have 2 connected via lan cable, first AC68 as Wireless Router, second AC66 as Access Point. When I walk around my house with a ongoing voip call or just browsing on IOS devices, connection stalls and I get time outs...
  12. F

    Expert Needed! Custom WiFi Roaming

    Okay here goes... I currently have a Linksys EA6300 wireless router and an older version of the Belkin N600 router. My current configuration is the linksys acts as my main router but then my belkin has dhcp turned off, acting as an extender (using powerline to connect the two together)...
  13. Julio Urquidi

    New Edimax RE11 Gemini AC1200 Range Extender Kit Adds Seamless Roaming

    Edimax’s RE11 Gemini AC1200 Dual-Band Home Wi-Fi Roaming Kit is the latest Wi-Fi product to claim to enable "seamless" roaming in home Wi-Fi networks. The kit includes two dual-band AC1200 class extenders that provide maximum wireless link rates of up to 867 Mbps at 5 GHz, and 300 Mbps at 2.4...
  14. Pene

    Do we know anything about ASUS wifi and zero handoff support?

    I've just seen a link on Unifi website: Is it equivalent with the ASUS roaming assistant? Also, it would be great to see in the (Merlin) fw to let roaming assistant to set above -70dB.