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  1. ucoms

    Tutorial SFP GPON MGTS ASUS RT-AX89X - Works in 2023 2024

    SFP GPON MGTS ASUS RT-AX89X - Works in 2023 2024 Video: # Instructions for configuring the GPON SFP module for ASUS RT-AX89X 1. Buy a module netmod.ru netmod-SFPXBR2GR together with the SFP module "Green optical Attenuator SC/APC-SC/UPC" in the same netmod store and insert it into Asus But...
  2. J

    Third party SFP+ transceivers for the Engenius ECS1528P switch?

    I have an Engenius ECS1528P switch, and a Ubiquiti UDM-Pro on the way. I want to connect them with a fibre optic cable. I know you can get third party SFP+ transceivers for the Ubiquiti (eg. 10GTek), but are there any compatible with the Engenius? Engenius lists some third party SFP ones on...
  3. C

    Asus RT-AX89x SFP+ slower than 1gig ports, notably so for upload. Anyone still having issues with this?

    I found some threads motioning SFP+ issues with the Asus RT-AX89x but it was a months ago on a closed thread. I just picked this up as I'm getting 2gig internet next week and I've had a 10gig aqtion 107 on my asrock 'creator' motherboard that has never gone past 1gig. I put in a Wiitek rj45...
  4. C

    RT-AX89X SFP+ single mode

    Hey guys, new member here, limited experience in networking. I have a Unifi switch (AGG PRO) with SFP+ ports, a 1gb transceiver for single mode optical cable, single mode BiDi optical cable up to my unit, another 1Gb transceiver into a media converter (1Gb connection) and then a RJ45 Gigabit...
  5. A

    10GB SFP+ card with RJ-45 tranceiver or a 10GB pcie card?

    I tried to search in the forum for such question but I didn't find anything. If I missed it please show and I will close this thread and post there. I just want to know what is the better choice? Buying a SFP+ card and a RJ-45 tranceiver ( these are just as examples to illustrate )...
  6. Starrbuck

    My quandary - RT-AC86U or R9000 or ???

    I currently have an ASUS RT-AC86U running Merlin, along with a Netgear X4s R7800 as my backup. I'm really bored with Netgear stock firmware and Voxel firmware, I tried Kong's OpenWrt and it's really young. Merlin on my RT-AC86U has just about everything I like/need and it works well. I have a...
  7. sfx2000

    MikroTik CRS309-1G-8S+IN - 8 port 10G Layer 2 - $270

    Funny nobody mentioned this... https://mikrotik.com/product/crs309_1g_8s_in The CRS309-1G-8S+ is a very compact, yet powerful networking switch. It has eight SFP+ slots, supporting up to 10 Gbit module in each, which results in a total switching capacity of 162 Gbps and total non-blocking...
  8. Julio Urquidi

    QNAP’s Intros Budget-Friendly NAS With Auto-Tiering, PCIe Expansion and 10 GbE SFP+s

    The 8-bay quad-core QNAP TS-832X desktop NAS is now available and includes several interesting features built into a budget friendly package. Via QNAP’s Qtier application, TS-832X supports auto-tiering, which takes advantage of SSD and HDD hardware, keeping frequently used “hot” data on faster...
  9. Magebarf

    Today's delightful new problem (10gbit/s connection incoming)

    Okay, this day came (or will come) a lot earlier than i thought it would. And to start this thread off, this is merely a "because I can", or rather a "because I want to", project. No necessities, only pure tech interest and general madness driving this. Today my soon to be ISP (Bahnhof...