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  1. J


    RT-AC86U with Merlin 314.15, RT-AC68U aimesh node with same f/w, diversion, uidivstats, skynet, scribe, uiscribe, OpenVPN for select clients, conmon, spdMerlin, scmerlin, nsrum Hi, folks, Could someone tell me possibly what is going on in and around my little home network here from the chart...
  2. ColonelStrike

    Issues with my AC-87u and Merlin firmware ...

    Hey everyone, I've searched and I've tried to resolve myself my problem but didn't succeeded ... I have a RT-AC-87u since 3 weeks and I've directly installed Merlin firmware on my router. Since the beginning, I've got a few issues with it. The UPNP doesn't work (ports are not open...
  3. DanielCoffey

    Site Survey timeout?

    I am using 380.67 on my AC87U and I am wondering if there is a timeout for the Site Survey process? I am now in a very quiet rural area with no near neighbours and none of my devices can pick up even a glimmer of nearby wifi. When I click Wireless - Site Survey - Scan it displays the expected...
  4. B

    2.4Ghz Auto Control Channel selection issues

    I have noticed that my Auto Selection Control Channel is always 6 and single channeled at 20 mhz. Every time I check my site survey, it continually shows that channels 1 and 11 have very weak or no neighborhood traffic, and 6 has multiple hits with strong signals. The results are similar for...