static routes

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  1. Laxarus

    Route Local IP to OpenVPN Server Client IP

    Hello, I have setup a two-way OpenVPN server-client pair with my RT-AC5300 and synology NAS. They can ping and access each other with no problem remotely. Current Setup VPN Server: LAN IP: VPN IP: VPN Client: LAN IP: VPN IP: I can ping the ip...
  2. W

    PC with two lan ports each having specific traffic rule

    I have a desktop with pci-e ethernet card so two 1gbps ethernet ports. I currently have my PC & NAS connected to wifi router & each having static ip address set in ipv4 settings. I want to connect my pc directly to NAS via second ethernet port on pcie card while 1st ethernet port will remain...
  3. E

    Static Routes

    So, I have a cable modem with a web page at My router is set for Just entering gives nothing, and a little research says that I need to set a static route to I did just that and received a massive crash for my efforts. After a few factory...
  4. jimosity

    Static route to 192.168.2.x device from 192.168.1.x

    I'm using an Asus RT-AC3200 with Merlin 384.5_beta2 firmware. My network consists of a ton of 192.168.1.x devices - some static, some dynamic. I *really* don't want to change anything on that network as some of these devices are a real pain to change. I have one specific device that I use on a...
  5. B

    ASUS static route not working from 2.4 GHz network

    Configuration I have an ASUS RT-ACRH13 router (latest firmware as I write this: and DSL service (CenturyLink, PPPoE). The DSL modem is configured in "transparent bridge" mode (no NAT, PPPoE, etc.); the ASUS device is configured to connect with PPPoE and all of that works fine...
  6. S

    Networking Help Required between ISP Router and VPN Router

    Hi Guys, First time posting here after a lot of research online, hopefully someone here can help with the issue: I have an ISP router which is cabled physically to a Linksys router I am using with ExpressVPN firmware installed (OpenWRT). Everything connects fine but I am not able to ping...
  7. T

    382.1 broke static route

    I recently got an ac88u which replaced my ac68u as my main router. The ac88u is connected to the internet via PPoE while the ac68u is cascaded to it lan to wan. ac88u external IP and internal IPs are set to DHCP starting with ac68u external IP and internal...
  8. M

    Port-forwarding to a static route

    Hi I have an ADSL TP-Link router operating in a bridge mode acting as a modem. It is connected to a WAN port of ASUS N66U, which is configured with a PPPoE WAN connection type. Clients are connecting to Asus wired/wirelessly. ASUS has an IP of TP-Link has an IP of I...
  9. J

    Pushing the limits ASUS/OpenVPN/Static Routes

    I'm running the latest Merlin FW 380.66_2 with OpenVPN Client, DNS filtering and static routes configured on the router. When I enable OpenVPN, it breaks the DNS filtering meaning, I can no longer restrict my kid's internet, unless I turn on Policy Rules strict in the OpenVPN Client. If I...
  10. S

    [I think] I need help with static routing?

    Hello, I have three routers: (Router # 1) AT&T Uverse RG (default settings, set by AT&T) SSID = "Uverse" DHCP enabled Basically, I only use this as the internet gateway for my other two routers. LAN IP = (Router # 2) Asus RT-AC56R (Merlin firmware) SSID = "VPN" DHCP enabled WAN...
  11. D

    [SOLVED] Open VPN Static Route Help

    So ive been trying to get this to work all day but im banging my head against the wall. 2 Locations, 1 work, 1 home. Work: Open VPN server on Mikrotik external: --> (Tunnel --> ---> internal: --->Asus N66u Home...