1. kamoj

    Kamoj Add-on 5.1 Beta testing poll

    I plan to make available a beta version of the next kamoj add-on - if there is enough interest. N.B: Voxel firmware is a pre-requisite, not an option! If you want to test this you need to PM me.
  2. RMerlin

    [Experimental] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.13 test - AiMesh/DNSSEC through OpenSSL

    First, the teasers: And: dnsmasq OpenSSL support Dnsmasq uses nettle to handle the crypto portion of DNSSEC, which limits the supported ciphers. @themiron implemented OpenSSL support in dnsmasq, which opens the door for supporting more ciphers. The implementation required a fair amount of...
  3. Dan Dascalescu

    Router introduces ~1% packet loss in sustained overnight ping test

    TL;DR: I recently bought my first "prosumer" router, an ASUS RT-AC68U, and set it up in repeater mode in front of my phone hotspot (Google Pixel on Verizon, unlimited data). Suspecting some Play-Fi speakers might drop audio due to the router, and wanting to eliminate the router as the cause, I...
  4. Dan Dascalescu

    Test wireless connection reliability, e.g. packet drops

    What tools do people use to test the longer-term (hours) reliability of their high-bandwidth wireless connections through a router? I'm looking for something a little more sophisticated than "copy a large file" or "watch Netflix". I know about iperf3 for measuring throughput, but I would like...
  5. D

    How to test Alpha, Beta Merlin firmware?

    Are you guys flash Alpha firmware and wait until issues present, or there is a specific way to test them? As a newbie to this custom firmware world, how could I test and point issues, from where could I start?