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  1. B

    Most stable connection at range for local Xbox streaming?

    Hello everyone at SNB I'm looking to maximize performance of streaming from a local Xbox One X server on ethernet to a wireless (wi-fi AX 2x2, surface laptop 3) client. The data used for this is about 20mbps for 1080p/60fps. My network configuration: Current router is a Linksys WRT3200ACM...
  2. J

    Nat-PMP through OpenVPN connection

    Hi there . I've an issue with my Xbox live connection. I can't play some multiplayer game , and my group chat is not stable because my XBOX 'nat' stay Moderate or Strict. This issue come from my ISP connection (4G network in france with FREE ISP use carrier-nat) So i buy a special VPN which...
  3. D

    Stop Microsoft from Killing my router?

    I'm wondering if anyone else has an answer to this as my family wants me to replace the router and I've found little solutions . I have an RT-AC3100 Router running the stock (and updated firmware). It has about 15 2.4 devices (mostly light bulbs), 10 5ghz devices connected and about 10 hard...