Skynet 0 incoming blocked since installed Skynet

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New Around Here
trying to find the answer, but looks like SNB members mostly have the opposite issues than mine specified below.
Since Skynet instalation I have 0 (zero) blocked incoming connections. There are thousands of blocked IP's. I have manualy whitelisted none and have one. or two thousands outgoing blocked. But ZERO incoming. Is that possible behavior?Many members have lots of incomming blocks, mostly face positives., while I have none. :)
I use the newest Merlin and Skynet versions. My router is RT-AC5300. Skynet's confirgutration is default, without any additoinal ip lists. Router's firewall is on and then the Skynet was added/installed.
From the beginning I use Diversion and Skynet together. Recently I have added Scribe.
My question is as above - is the 0 inbound blocks behaviour correct/possible, or shoud I search for addional settings (which ones?)?

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