2 x RT-AX88U + 1 x RT-AX58U Setup - Consistent WiFi Issues

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Hi All,

I have the following setup:

1) 1 x RT-AX88U located in my study which acts as the main router.
2) 1 x RT-AX88U located upstairs in another room
3) 1 x RT-AX58U located in another room on the ground floor.

2) and 3 are connected to 1) via ethernet, and I have the whole thing setup as Aimesh .

I have been experiencing Wifi connectivity issues, but recently the have just started getting worse, requiring multiple restarts of the routers. I even tried adjusting the channels.

What's concerning me even more is, that when carrying out a speed test using the 'Speedtest' app, I get varying results which do not make sense to me (especially my main router with the exceptionally low Mbps speed).
I have a 500Mbs connection, and when standing right next to the routers, I get the following results:

1) RT-AX88U: Download 10.8 Mbps, Upload 16.9 Mbps
2) 1 x RT-AX88U: Download 148 Mbps, Upload 148 Mbps
3) 1 x RT-AX58U: Download 526 Mbps, Upload 236 Mbps

Desktop, connected with wired ethernet: Download 438 Mbps, Upload 168 Mbps

Please can you advise, if there's anything I need to check, adjust settings, etc.

Many Thanks


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How big is your home? How close are the routers to each other? What device are you using to test the speeds with? Hopefully, not a handheld device.

What firmware are the routers on? Has at least the main router ever been fully reset and configured minimally and manually without using a saved backup config file?

Standing right next to the routers isn't helping matters. The radio signals need a good ten feet (three metres) or more to fully form.

Do the AiMesh nodes show as Wired? Does it help to change the setting from Auto to Wired?

Are you using the same SSID as your previous router? Test with a Guest SSID to check if the old SSID (and the saved microcode within each client device) is causing any issues.

Are you using a single SSID? Have you adjusted the power output of each router so that the levels don't overlap too much?

Have you tested using just a single RT-AX88U? If you're using 3 routers in less than at least a 6K SqFt home, you're oversaturating the airwaves.

You could be causing issues if the routers are not set up like below too on your three levels.

Router -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Use a computer at a reasonable distance to test the speeds with speedtest.net and fast.com. Forget about using an 'app' for this on a handheld device, it is limiting from the word go.

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