386.2_6 DDNS and DNSOMATIC

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New Around Here
Received my RT-AX86U in the mail today, installed 386.2_6 from stock, reset, and configured.
All works well except DNSOMATIC isn't getting updated.

No yellow exclamation point on the Network Map page. Shows DDNS: all.dnsomatic.com
DDNS page shows Registration is successful upon Apply

Log shows:

Jun 8 17:33:59 start_ddns: update WWW.DNSOMATIC.COM [email protected], wan_unit 0
Jun 8 17:33:59 inadyn[8492]: In-a-dyn version 2.8.1 -- Dynamic DNS update client.
Jun 8 17:33:59 inadyn[8492]: Update forced for alias all.dnsomatic.com, new IP# [REDACTED]
Jun 8 17:34:01 inadyn[8492]: Remove old cache file /var/cache/inadyn for all.dnsomatic.com
Jun 8 17:34:01 inadyn[8492]: Updating cache for all.dnsomatic.com

The IP I redacted matches the Network Map page but does not match what is in DNSOMATIC.

This same setup/values worked earlier today on different hardware.


New Around Here
Disregard. It never would update it but I switched to another dns provider and it is working (along with LE).

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