AC66_B1 firmware upgrade unsuccessful - can't upgrade or downgrade....


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I have a AC66_B1 running firmare "RT-AC68U_384.17_0" that refuses to upgrade or download firmware. I've hard reset / factory reset it several times, I've tried Asus recovery tool as well but all say firmware upgrade unsuccessful.

It has been running 386.1 when this started. I read the release thread and a oouple of others had the same issue. I tried all the solutions from the thread including downgrade which worked, dropping to 384.17 as I had it saved locally. Its now on 384.17 but stubbonly stuck no matter what I try and I'm stuck for ideas....

Its been hard reset on 384,17, it won't upgrade or downgrade. Asus recovery tool gets to about 48% then says failed. I can access the router and everything works but I'd like to upgrade to a newer version and resolve this really.


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I've flashed the latest release from Asus so back to being to change firmware now.

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