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New Around Here
Hi. I'm at my wits end on this problem I'm having with VLANs on freshtomato on an AC66U_B1.

The problem stems from the issue that my Oneplus 6 crashes the router when it connects to the router via wifi. This is a known problem that I didn't know about before until it started happening. It has to do with CTF (nat acceleration) being on. If I toggle CTF off, it doesn't crash anymore, but it will leave my internet speeds at half of what I paid for... actually less than half. I mean for wifi devices, it doesn't bother me, but disabling CTF affects even wired devices. I would like to fix this.

Luckily I had a spare AC86U (with Merlin firmware) lying around. But the problem is that it cannot be flashed with FreshTomato and therefore I cannot configure any VLANS on it. On the AC66, I had 3 vlans running each with it's own bridge and ip address range (br0, br1, br2 with ips,,

Then I had this idea that I could have the AC86U as just a gateway with DHCP turned off. I would give it a static IP of The AC66U would then serve as an wifi access Access Point and also the DHCP server since it was assigning IP's according to the bridges. So I had everything hooked up and tested it out by plugging my laptop into port 1 (which is vlan1 192.168.1.x range). the laptop got a 192.168.1 address and I was able to connect to the internet. Then I disconnected it and plugged it into port 2 which is vlan2 ( and it got a 192.168.10 address BUT it cannot connect to the internet. When I do a traceroute, it cannot get past the bridge ip

Here's what my bridges look like
bridge=bro, stp=disabled, ip address=, netmask=, dhcp=enabled, ip_range=, lease_time=1440
bridge=br1, stp=disabled, ip address=, netmask=, dhcp=enabled, ip_range=, lease_time=1440
bridge=br2, stp=disabled, ip address=, netmask=, dhcp=enabled, ip_range=, lease_time=1440

Other relevant settings I changed were:
Basic=>wan type=disabled + bridge WAN port to primary LAN (br0)=on
Basic=>LAN=>Default gateway=, static+dns=
Advanced=>routing=> mode=router

So is what I'm trying to do even possible? If it is, what do I need to do to get it to work?


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