Ac68u firmware update unsuccessful


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I have Asus AC68U router.

Current version installed is:

I notice that there a newer official versions available on Asus site which is:

I tried to install the newer version from the standard upload functio within firmware upgrade config page. But I keep getting the message

Firmware upgrade unsuccessful. This may result from incorrect image or error transmission. Please check the version of the firmware and try again.

I get the same same when I try to install the Merlin versions, I tired various ver. E.g.
RT AC68U 386.5.2
RT AC68U 386.4.0
RT AC68U 386.1.0

Could this be because of wifi ? As I am doing it via wifi connection from my Mac to router. Should I try the ethernet cable? I don't have that port on Mac. Is there a way to upgrade via USB?


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Welcome to the forums @aqvarious.

It is not because of WiFi.

Safely remove any USB devices attached to the router via the GUI. Physically remove them when safe to do so. Reboot the router. Try flashing the firmware you want on it. If issues continue, pull the power plug from the router and wait 2 minutes or more (while leaving the on/off button to 'On'), before plugging it back in.

Now, delete any and all copies of the firmware(s) you've downloaded.

Double-check that you're downloading the correct file for your router. Re-download the exact file you want, again. Extract it and verify the hash matches.

Now, simply continue to use the GUI to update the firmware repeatedly, it will work, eventually.


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Good catch! I was too rushed to include using a different browser too, as a potential fix.

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