AC68U shows internet status connected but no internet.


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As the tittle says, the homepage on the router shows WAN is connected and even shows me the WAN IP but I don't have internet access on any device, wireless nor wired.

The router is connected to my ISP's ONT, which is in bridge mode. Unfortunately my original ISP got bought out a couple years ago and support for us legacy customers is very lacking. When I originally set up my router, years ago, I had to call my ISP and they did something on their end to set their ONT on something akin to bridge mode, all I had to do on my end was enter a MAC address they gave me on the "Mac clone" setting on the router.

I recently had a power outage and I believe that's when my problems began. Is there any test I can perform to check whether my equipment is the one causing the issue? I also have a phone line from this same ONT and the phone service works just fine.

Connecting directly to the ONT does not work, already tried it and there is no internet access either.

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