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AC86U bricked or just stuck ?

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I have 2 AC86U, one is directly hooked to my fiber modem as a bridge and another one used in AP mode. Everything was great until today since I updated the main to latest Merlin everything went smooth, then tried to upgrade the AP one which is also running Merlin fw but that's when it all went to hell. After the upgrade the router rebooted then it seems like it was stuck somewhere as it had all the lights on for 30 seconds then everything goes off, then only power led is on then again same loop. Tried unplugging, rebooting, nothing. Did the recovery method but I can't even find the ssid, both wifi less are off :/
Has happened to me too... Look up how to get info minicfe and use recovery tool

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Ok thanks looks like I'm gonna have to borrow a laptop, mine doesn't have Ethernet and I don't have an USB adapter for it :/ such a POS router
Had some success resetting the router but as soon as I set up as a AP it goes to boot loop again :/

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