AC88U 5g connection problem with aimesh

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I have a problem: I have configured my ac5300 in aismesh central, and configure the ac88u router as a node, but cannot switch the ac88u to uplink type in 5Ghz, it remains in 2.4ghz version. if I put the backhaul connection priority in 5g mode, it no longer connects to the base! I do various tests, change the original firmware, merlin firmware, but nothing changes! I even invert the central aimesh in ac88u and the node in ac5300 but I have exactly the same problem. I want to be able to put my ac88u router in 5ghz mode when it is in node. how to fix this problem please? I wasted 1 day of my time without finding a solution. I specify having put the router at 1 meter from the central and the signal is bad !!! if i install the ac88u router live i am not having any speed problem


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New Around Here
I asked myself a question last night. I would like to know if there is any difference on 5G network in China and Europe because I have Chinese router with European router. may be a region compatibility issue.

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