Acer Easystore H340 network problem


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Hi guys:

I got an Acer Easystore H340 back on 6/09. I haven't really done much with it except using it as a backup server. Well, recently the system stopped responding - none of my computers can connect to it, and when I looked at the network port, I don't see the usual green/amber light blinking.

What can I do to check and see what's wrong with it? The only life line to the Easystore is via networking as it has no video out, and now that's gone I think I am stuck with a paper weight.

Acer's CS seems to be nonexistence.

BTW, I am a bit disappointed at WHS. The interface for me is lack luster...

Any help or input is greatly appreciated.



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my solutions for your reference

I have not done any of this yet, but my research yields the following useful links. I hope it helps you if you have a similar problem as mine:

Easystore service manual

debug board

make your own VGA cable

Fix blown lan:

I am also thinking about getting a Synology or Qnap. May be the Acer will become a side project (which means I won't get to it) :)

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