Adaptive QoS and Traffic Analyzer Issues - AC3000s with AiMesh & OEM FW

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New Around Here
I've been digging around after setting up the new home network and have noticed 2 major issues in the management web interface thus far I'm hoping this community can provide clarity on.

Adaptive QoS -
When monitoring the network usage any device which is connected to the 2nd AC node NEVER shows any traffic being sent or received. There are multiple PCs and streaming devices connected to that node (which uses the 3rd wifi band as a backhaul to the primary node) so I know they are consuming a large amount of bandwidth. Does the Bandwidth Monitor just flat out not work in an AiMesh network setup for any devices connected to the mesh nodes? (all wired/wireless devices connected to the primary node show real-time traffic stats just fine)

Traffic Analyzer -
The Daily Top 5 client list shows that about 75% of all traffic is coming from 1 'client' which is a MAC address which does NOT exist within my network, is not listed as the MAC of any of the interfaces of the AC nodes and appears to be a combination of all traffic coming from devices connected to the 2nd node on the AiMesh. Has anyone else seen this behavior? I saw another thread saying a device called Anonymous was showing up on their list. I also see this 'ghost' MAC address when looking at the Web History view under Adaptive QoS making a large array of web requests (again supports my theory its combining all of the 2nd mesh nodes traffic b/c it has some streaming services as well as gaming and school domains my family uses across PCs, AppleTvs, etc)

Overall been pleased with the setup but would like to be able to actually see which devices and applications are consuming bandwidth and it appears the AiMesh has broken these analysis capabilities.

Hopefully someone out there can help resolve and/or at least confirm this is expected (broken) behavior when using the AiMesh config.


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