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Advice needed - RT-AC86U and Vodafone THG3000 (Gigafast)

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Hi folks,

Currently running a Huawei Echolife HG612 connected to Fibre (50mbps) with my RT-AC86U (with Merlin) conneced in Wireless Router mode. It serves devices and logs onto my current VF service over my phone line.
At the end of the month, I'm upgrading to FTTP. Vodafone supply a THG3000 router which has a phone port in the back for my landline. Whilst I could use my Asus directly, if I do so, I'll lose my phone line.

Can I somehow just replace the HG612 with the new VF router and set it up in a similar way so my phone still works, of can I somehow do it the other way round - ie, connect the VF router to the Asus instead?
What is the max speeds the Asus will support? Am I going to be restricted to using the VF one to get the best speeds? I don't want to lose VPN if I can help it and currently the Asus does all of that.

Thanks in advance.
I have a modem/router from Comcast that provides my land line phone. I logged into the router, and put it into bridge mode, so it only acts like a modem. I then have my Merlin-based AC86U behind that to serve as my router. In this config, I have all the good things of Merlin and I have a land line from Comcast. I also previously ran their device as a router, and connected the Merlin router to it. When I did that, I disabled all its WiFi and am only using WiFi in my Merlin router.
There is a thread on the vodafone forums that we made when experimenting with this. You can use just your own router with a Grandstream ATA for the phone. The thread shows everything we went through and a few of us have posted screenshots of our working settings.
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