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Advice on house-to-house wireless bridge

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My brother lives way way out in the country-side off a dirt road. He can't afford broadband. His next door neighbor has DSL and is willing to share the connection. I'm thinking a wireless bridge might be the easiest way to share the connection. I don't know how far apart the houses are but they are within sight. They about the same altitude. There may some trees obstructing line-of-sight at ground level.

My questions are:
1) Under ideal conditions what is the maximum distance for a reliable wifi connection at 1.5Mbps (which is max DSL Downstream speed available)?
2) Which 802.11 variant will work best, a, b, g or n?
3) Is a separate antenna at each end recommended and if so, indoor or roof mounted?
4) Recommendations for a bridge solution.

Thank you!
Wireless links have been done up to 20 miles or so at the speed you describe. But they require careful setup and high-gain antennas.

I would stick with 802.11g. You'll have a best chance using exterior high-gain antennas. The gain required depends on the distance and desired speed.

Check this thread for equipment recommendations.

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