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TLDR: I am going to add a pair of ET12s into my home mesh based on 7 XD6/XD6S. Is it better to reconfig the whole mesh using ET12 as the mangement unit or run the pair of ET12 separate from current XD6/XD6S setup?

My home is currently setup using EdgeRouter ER6P as a router, and 7 XD6/XD6S AiMesh using wired backhaul, all connected to 2 10G switches. The AiMesh currently is configured in AP mode, with one of the XD6 as the management unit. Everything is setup fairly well. And I have a pair of ET12 on order primarily to replace 2 of the XD6S, adding wifi6E capabilities to where most of my high-end devices are (mostly Samsung flagship phones with 6E, and Windows 11 laptop with wifi6E connections).

Is it better to reconfigure the whole AiMesh anew using ET12 as the management unit, so that the configuration UIs have triband settings, and the XD6/XD6s will be on the same AiMesh system? Will the XD6/XD6S 2.4G/5G settings (and SSIDs/Guest Network 1) sync with the ET12 wifi system settings, obviously ignoring the wifi6E stuff?

Or is it better to run the pair of ET12 besides the existing XD6/XD6S setup, so will have 2 AiMesh systems (will be on the same subnet and physical wired network) but managed separately (still same SSIDs for 2.4G/5G bands for roaming)?

What I am thinking is that on the single AiMesh system option, the 802.11kvr may work better for devices roaming on 2.4G/5G bands over the entire network. But separating the pair of ET12 out from the existing mesh setup may give me a bit more flexibility to toy around stuff.

A side question is whether to replace the ER6P with a ET12 as the router as well, but that's a separate question.........

Many thanks for any thoughts.


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Anyone have any insight on how the AiMesh works in a mixed ZenWifi environment? Much appreciated

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