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AiMesh AX-11000 Internet Dropping

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Tldr - AiMesh with AX11000+AC68U or AX11000+AC88U with Ethernet backhaul causes main router to drop Internet connectivity. Router page shows WAN connected, but Networking Tools ping function unable to ping Unable to connect to Wi-Fi, LAN devices no Internet. SSH into main router, ipconfig shows eth0 having public IP address, but unable to ping When using AX11000 standalone without AiMesh, router was 100% stable for a week without any drops in connectivity. Added a node to AiMesh and connectivity issues started occurring within an hour. Restarting the main router helps, but issue will reappear again soon (from hours to days).

I am experiencing drops in Internet connectivity with my main router for at least a year. Router can be stable for many days, but will suddenly lose Internet connectivity. Sometimes it will self-recover after a few hours, other times I will need to manually reboot the main router to resolve. However recently (~1 month ago) the issue is becoming worse - dropping network connectivity within hours, and I need to restart my ISP issued ONT (Optical Network Terminal) to regain network connectivity.

I did a factory reset of my AX11000 and upgraded to the latest Merlin firmware 388.2_2. Internet was stable for a week without any drops. I upgraded my AC88U to the latest AsusWRT firmware and connected it as an AiMesh node via Ethernet backhaul and my Internet connectivity started dropping within an hour. AX11000 router page shows that WAN is connected with public IP, AiMesh is connected, AX11000 has white WAN light. However pinging via the "Network Tools" feature or via SSH does not work.

I was previously using AX11000+AC68U with AiMesh but was facing the same problem. I suspected it could be due to my old AC68U having issues, which was why I bought an AC88U. But my new AC88U is facing the same issue. I have seen several people asking about AiMesh Internet issues, but with no resolution. Does anybody face this issue before, and are there any solutions?

Attached are the logs, the disconnection occured at around 16:40h (maybe 1-2mins prior, I'm not too sure). Would really appreciate any help.


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