aimesh + disabling radios on mesh nodes

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I don't think this matters for the purposes of my question, however I'm running 3x RT-AC68U with Merlin.

While playing around with my configuration, I decided to test out various fallback scenarios and was surprised by my findings.

Router is connected to Node A via gigabit Ethernet.

Node B set up as wireless (no ethernet) and starts with a 5GHz connection to the Router.

I logged in to the router and disabled the 5GHz radio. To my surprise, most of my clients remained connected, and this is when I learned that the main router's radio configuration is NOT propogated to the nodes.

With the main 5GHz radio disabled, Node B then connected to Node A via 5GHz + continued to offer 5GHz and 2.4GHz to clients.

I physically unplugged Node A. Node B then connected to the router via 2.4GHz + continued to offer 5GHz and 2.4GHz to clients.

This leads me to two questions:

* Has anyone identified a way to disable a particular radio on the nodes themselves. i.e. do I need to SSH in to disable the 5GHz radio on every node?

* Is there a log or anything I can look at to determine what the current mesh map looks like?


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yes, ssh for every node
#turn off 5ghz
nvram set wl1_radio=0
nvram commit
service restart_wireless

#turn on 5ghz
nvram set wl1_radio=1
nvram commit
service restart_wireless

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