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I am a newbie to this forum looking for some help and guidance and am not an in-depth technical expert.

I have an ASUS DSL AC68U primary router and have been operating it successfully with 3 x Lyra mini wifi extenders for a couple of years. On 3rd November, I updated the firmware on the router to .386_50117-geaaff54, DSL version There were no updates at that time showing for the AiMesh nodes. I am not sure if that is the cause of my current issue or it is coincidence, but since that upgrade I lost all connection to the 3 x Lyra minis, and nothing I have tried since has managed to restore the connections.

The three Lyras are appearing in the connected client list of the primary router and have acquired IP addresses correctly from the DHCP server, but when I search in the router GUI for AiMesh nodes, none are found. I have tried everything I can think of including complete factory reset of the Lyras, to no avail. If I use the Lyra app on my iPhone I can set the Lyras up as a new router network using the first Lyra as a primary and that seems to work fine, but I want the Lyras as mesh nodes not mesh routers in their own right.

Am I missing something or doing something very silly? Can I roll back to the previous software to rule that out and see if that resolves the issue>? Can anybody offer any ideas please?


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One of the potential issues is perhaps the fact your DSL-AC68U router is on 386 code firmware (AiMesh 2.0), but your Lyra mini is still on 384 code firmware (AiMesh 1.0). Lyra mini seems like end-of-support product - the last firmware was released 1.5 years ago. I would try to use Lyra for Wi-Fi as AiMesh in AP mode to DSL-AC68U as Router only with its own Wi-Fi disabled. This way Lyra is going to work as a set on AiMesh 1.0 as it was designed to work.


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Having spent many hours trying to get to the bottom of the issue, I have now resolved it. It would appear that the primary router (DSL-AC68U) managed to get corrupted during the recent firmware upgrade process. After a lot of trial and error, the problem was resolved when I did a factory reset on the primary router, then restored my configuration settings then re-installed the Lyra minis. The AiMesh service now all works perfectly, so the key was the factory reset of the primary router. Hope that may help anybody else with this issue.

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