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Choose best wired ai mesh nodes for rt-ac88u

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I have the following configuration in our 4 floors house
- 1x rt-ac88u on l1 which is the primary router
- 3x Lyra mini configured as ai mesh nodes (1 per floor l2 l2 l4). They are all on a wired Ethernet backhaul (basically doing access point work)

The Lyra mini are not very stable and obsolete and I want to replace them but I’d like to keep my ac88u.
What routers would you recommend me to replace the 3 Lyra wifi?

I have seen zenwifi xd5. Do you think they could work as node on my rt-ac88u ? What do you think ?

Thanks for your help
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xd5 or xd4 as nodes with RT-AX88U Pro as primary router.
What do you think about this config ? Thanks
I have several RT-AC68U nodes wired to a RT-AC88U. After several years I have not had a problem. A couple times a year I have had reboot the system.

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