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Sorry if this has been posted before but I haven't seen it mentioned anywhere.

As you may know there's a hard limit of 9 nodes in an Asus AiMesh network. Adding any more gives the error "The limit on the number of AiMesh nodes is 9. Currently your system has reached the maximum".
Today I tried to add a new AiMesh Node and it said I'd hit the maximum when I hadn't. I assumed there's a counter and it had become incorrect due to earlier topology changes I'd made.

It seems that not only is there a counter but it can be changed via SSH/Telnet. I didn't need to currently do that as I was reinstalling an existing node but I will try this in the future when we need to add more.
The config value is "cfg_recount" and it should be set on the AiMesh master to the number of Nodes installed. It's set to zero on the nodes.
To view the current value run "nvram show | grep 'cfg_recount' "
To change it simply run "nvram set cfg_recount=[number of nodes] | nvram commit".

Not only that but there seems to be a maximum as well, which is stored in "cfg_re_maxnum". Unlike the count this is stored on all Nodes as well, but not sure if it's needed.
To view the current value (which defaults to 9) run "nvram show | grep 'cfg_re_maxnum' "
To change it run "nvram set cfg_re_maxnum=[number of nodes] | nvram commit".

Has anyone else got any experience of changing these two values? How many nodes can an AiMesh run with, assuming mostly ethernet backhaul?
I am looking forward to testing this and will report back.


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I did some more testing with this.
These settings are reset on reboot. The settings cfg_relist and cfg_relist_x hold the Node list which cfg_recount calculates on reboot.

Unfortunately when I tried to change these settings it cleared them as they contain < characters. So be careful!

In the end I recreated the Mesh which fixed the issue

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