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Aimesh speeds slower with new AX11000 pro firmware

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um hombre

Regular Contributor
Can somebody please explain this to me.

When I upgrade my Ax11000 pro to the latest firmware, all of a sudden my gt6 aimesh can only connect at 300-400 mbps speeds (dl/ul, measured speeds).

If I rollback firmware to previous one, I get 1400-1500 mbps measured speeds.

I tried everything, factory reset and reattaching aimesh from scratch.

For the moment I am using previous version of the firmware because of the crippled aimesh speeds.
mmm strange, running the Ax11000 pro on and the node Ax11000 (non-pro) with merlin 3004.388.7 but no issues, more or less same speeds as on or merlin 3004.388.7 on main AX11000 pro.
Maybe an issue with gt6?
I have AX11000Pro and GT6 with latest firmware from the Asus website and I have no issue on the wireless backhaul. my PHY rate is about 1800/1700Mbps for Transmit Rate and Receive Rate.

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