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I'm running the latest version of Merlin (384.17) and i've found recently that the "Parental Control Time Scheduling" feature in the webUI is not working. I mean it's partially working, but the problems i'm having with it qualify it as "not working" in my opinion. I have two devices set up with Parental Controls and both were initially set to "Block". Oddly only 1 device showed up in my client list, but I thought, hey, no big deal. Then i lightened up a bit and decided to let these devices have connectivity on a timed basis. I could modify one device, but the other i cannot. Only one device is appearing in the Client List and when i try to change my other device which is not listed, by re-adding it, it says "this entry has been in list". So it's not letting me modify the second device.

So aside from this possibly being an issue with the Merlin f/w, is there a way i can modify my Parental Control via commandline? Is there a .conf file somewhere that i can edit or some script i can run for this?

Many thanks!
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Magically, my second device suddenly appeared. I did nothing but enter and exit the Parental Control section multiple times. At first I was unable to modify the time range, but after deleting and re-adding the client MANY times, it finally allowed me to enter a time range. And i can confirm it is now working. I call this pounding the square peg through the round hole troubleshooting :)

But i'm still hoping there is a script or commandline option for modifying the parental controls. I'd rather not rely on the webUI. The webUI has become very unreliable (sometimes unresponsive) since i've upgraded to Merlin f/w.


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After flashing to RMerlin firmware, did you do a full reset/Initialize all settings and then minimally and manually configure the router (i.e. you did not use a saved backup config file) to secure it and connect to your ISP?

No issues with the GUI for myself or others that I recall? What router are we talking about here? :)


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Talking about an RT-AC86U.

No, i did not do a full reset (although I recall you've told me that already). I will do that and see how things go.

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