Allowing Google Meet/Zoom while blocking other messaging apps with ASUS RT-AC68U stock firmware


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This is a touch problem. My kids are using Google Meet and Zoom Meetings for their remote school classes. This including stream class videos from the teacher, interactive with the teacher/team through audio, and chat window.

I found they are often either chatting with their friends using other instant messaging apps or streaming other videos (such as discord, youtube, etc) on the side while class is in session. It is a huge distraction.

However, if I use the ASUS build-in AiProtection-->Parent Control-->Web & App Filters --> Select "Instant Message and Communication" "Streaming and Entertainment" then it will also blocks Google Meet and Zoom Meetings.

Is there some other way that I can selectively allow the use of Google Meet and Zoom Meetings while blocking everything else either on the RT-AC68U stock firmware or merlin firmware?

I am comfortable with telnet, scripts and cron jobs, etc. But I don't know how to script it...
This will be a great help to all struggling American parents and kids.

Thank you very much.
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