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Has anyone tried Amahi?
I'm just trying out freenas and have had a bunch of problems. I'm also finding it very slow although this might be because of my network.
Any chance of a review on this site?

To be honest, same here...
I've been tinkering with freenas but since my built in gigbit chipset on my mobo has no driver in the stable release of freenas, I've had to use the nightly builds and my speed is terrible...I might come back to it later.
I was looking at ubuntu server and came across this...it's built on top of fedora linux...it's definitely not a small install like freenas but it seems to be aiming to become a WHS competitor:


I'm going to try it tonight. I will provide some feedback although only on my install success as I'm not technical enough to provide much feedback on comparisons to other products.

Thanks. Looking forward to your report.

BTW, I found Ubuntu server had much better performance than FreeNAS.
Just a quick update...
Installed it today. Basically you have to install Fedora first and then install Amahi. I've had a lot of problems with it already. The server GUI runs as an application in Fedora so you can have the desktop working alongside the Amahi server. It automates shares and gives you access to programs like media servers and bitorrent programs.
The biggest thing I found it lacking is the NAS feature set. There is nothing in there to setup a RAID so you have to do this manually with mdadm which, in all honesty, sucks large.

On top of this, it takes over the DHCP from your router which has also caused problems for me with the applications it installs.

Still early days...going to give it a little more time before trying something else(ubuntu server).

The biggest problem for me is my complete ignorance of linux but this is also an opportunity to learn!

Thanks for the report. As you said, sounds like it is in its early days.
If you go with Ubuntu Server, I suggest you also install webadmin. Makes some things easier.
This article may help.
Just an update...
I've managed to get everything sorted for the most part with Amahi. I'm actually really pleased with it now. The support from the forums has been great:
They also have a great irc channel where the developers hang out:

Basically this is more of a central storage centre for a household. They are still working on more specific NAS functions for the future.
I would actually recommend this over freenas(the only other one I've tried so far) for 90% of the population. I think they are on to something...

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