amtm Amtm won't run

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I am running an ASUS AC-3100 on Merlin 386.1

I was having issues with Yazfi, uninstalled and formatted the JFFS partition.

Now, When I SSH into the router and use 'amtm' or the curl command, amtm will not open or install. Any time I try to access amtm I got this response:

/usr/sbin/amtm: /jffs/addons/amtm/a_fw/amtm.mod: line 283: syntax error: unexpected "(" (expecting "} ")

Is the only fix to do a complete factory reset/restore? I prefer not to do that right now but if it is the only choice I will go ahead with that.


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If you are still running 386.1 and not 386.1_2 you might have been bitten by an jffs format bug. The changelog for 386.1_2. Note the bold section below.
If I were you, I would install 386.1_2 and do another jffs format... As @Jack Yaz mentioned, other things might be corrupted.

386.1_2 (12-Feb-2021)

- NEW: Added snmp support to the RT-AX86U.

- UPDATED: inadyn to 2.8.1.

- UPDATED: nano to 5.5.

- CHANGED: Use local OUI database instead of remote one hosted

on Asus's server (allows queries to work even when

accessing webui over https)

- CHANGED: If dropbear cannot create keys in /jffs then

create temporary ones in /etc so SSH can work even

without a working JFFS partition.

- FIXED: Missing Game Mode on RT-AC88U

- FIXED: Non-working 160 MHz settings for RT-AC88U region/versions

that should support it

- FIXED: Missing Instant Guard to RT-AX56U and RT-AC88U.

- FIXED: IPv6 ending with "::" were considered invalid on the

webui (was breaking the Prefix field on the 6in4 tunnel

page for instance).

- FIXED: OUI lookups on site survey page not working

(for non-HND models)

- FIXED: Wifi Radar missing on GT-AC2900

- FIXED: Netools-enabled pages not used by GT-AC2900 and


- FIXED: GeForce NOW UPNP not working

- FIXED: Erasing the JFFS partition would often require a second

reboot since the operation failed when encountering

a bad block. These are now properly skipped.

- FIXED: Parental Control's time scheduler not working properly.

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