Any current known issues on AX models?

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Hi there, was wondering if there were any currently known issues with AX routers?
Story: had gotten my parents an AC86U a few years ago, and installed Merlin at the time. Worked great for about a year. Then he got the 5GHZ wifi radio issue. After a lot of back and forth got an Asus replacement. By that point however, he had already gotten a Netgear R7800 (I kept the AC86U as a node). Of course, now, with his luck, his R7800 got the bug where after power loss, it completely resets to factory defaults. And naturally, it went out of warranty a few weeks ago. Looking to maybe move him back to Asus, but wanted to see if there are any known issues right now with the AX routers (in the $100-200 range, so, the AX55, AX58 AX68).


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Put the current Merlin or the Asus beta on the AC86U. Either works well. I got an AX86U because I wanted one. There was nothing wrong with my AC86U. Had one glitch with the AX86U that I fixed with a new cable to the ONT.

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