Arris SBX-1000P SURFboard Wired Network Extender with RipCurrent Reviewed

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Arris's SBX-1000P doesn't put a best foot forward for powerline technology.

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How's the connection stability on these things?

From first hand experience with another vendors AV1200 solution - connection dropouts are an ongoing problem with some vendors, even those using QCA solutions - recent firmware updates have helped, but they still have issues...

Does, and specifically the Arris solution perform better in this regards?


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Interesting to see how their wireless extender over that's what I'd like to see expand as a home networking package. The ease of increasing the wireless coverage in larger homes, using a "simple/pre-packaged all in one solution" for home users. The ability of an end residential user purchasing 1x single product...that is easy to setup for them, without having to mix-match various products, convert wireless routers to APs, mix in moca or other 3rd party bridges...just seems like a market demand waiting for product to fill it.

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