Tutorial Asus Dual WAN Router Load Balancing and Failover Router Problems and Fix

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New Around Here
TLDR -> Do a Factory Reset using WPS button.

Load Balancing and Failover working? NO
Load Balancing Working? Yes but not Practical for real-world
usage. [Timeouts, Connection Reset & Total Network BreakDown]
Failover? YES if you spend some time on it. [Setup Static IP, Match MTU from your Router]

Fallback? YES But you need to tune the values depends on the latency and connection reliability.

Here is my DualWan Setup
Screen Shot 2021-05-24 at 6.16.48 PM.png

I spend last few days playing with ASUS DUAL WAN feature.

Load balancing work best when you set 3:1 or 5:1 or 9:1 ratios. That means most of the time you use Primary connection.
But when one connection goes down it will not use the working connection to reroute the traffic. Sometimes it will take 10 to 15 minutes to get proper network on all machines.
result unreliable network!

Load balancing is good enough? NO it's waste of time.

OK Failover is working fine after a FULL factory reset by holding wps buttton for 30 seconds.

To get it working it's better both connection have static ip allocation.

because renewing DHCP will kick Failover for some reason.

Also set Fallback to 40 or 99 times otherwise it will keep interrupt the backup connection.

OK Failover and Fallback working? Yes for the most part.

You can setup a script to update DDNS domain for the wan-event

here is my script for DUCKDNS

// wan-event file
killall "My-DDNS"
/jffs/scripts/My-DDNS $1 $2

// My-DDNS file


if [ "$WAN_STATE" == "connected" ]; then
sleep 5s
IP=$(curl -s 'http://myip.dnsomatic.com/')
sleep 5s
response=$(curl -s "https://www.duckdns.org/update?domains=$SUBDOMAIN&token=$TOKEN&ip=$IP")
sleep 5s

if [ "$response" == "OK" ]; then
logger "DuckDNS Response was [$response]. & Updated IP: $IP"
logger "DuckDNS Response was [$response] & Failed to Update IP: $IP"
logger "Trying again by Executing wan-event..."
./wan-event $1 $2
logger "WAN Status : $WAN_STATE"
After creating these two files make sure you run chmod a+rx /jffs/scripts/*

Finally I really wish if i can use Load Balancing and Failover at the same time.
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