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ASUS ET12 best router I have purchased!

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ASUS ET12 Review, Highly Recommended!!!

I had many ASUS routers in the past, 5 plus years ago with bad luck, I think it was my ISP that was bad also, but the ASUS routers just would not work with my junk ISP at the time.
I purchased an Orbi 50 with one satellite (reconditioned yet), that worked great until I updated firmware, then the satellite would never perform right. So I purchased another (reconditioned), sold the first one, and firmware locked the second one, ran absolutely great for years, and now installed it at my moms. I purchased the Orbi 963 and can not firmware lock the 963, Netgear removed the ability to firmware lock it, so the 963 took a firmware update on it, and I tried everything, I even got one for work and it took down the work server and network, I found it to be Netgear armor, so I disabled that and my ping was better to the server but still was dropping slightly, so I swapped back to the original router and ban absolutely no more drops.
Every time I post my bad results on Netgear forums, Netgear DELETES them every time!!!!

At home my 963 satellite just dropped out, had to reboot the 963 to get the satellite working again.
I returned my home and work ORBI 963.


I saw absolutely stunning reviews on the ASUS ET12, so I purchased it. THE ABSOLUTE BEST ROUTER I PURCHASED TO DATE.
Set up was a breeze, I also purchased a pair of Motorola Moca adapters to get wired back haul at 2.5 gigabits per second, note I have a Netgear cable modem that also has 2.5 gbps so that goes into the WAN port on one of the ASUS ET12’s then the moca 2.5gbps goes into the other lan 2.5 gbps port on the ET12 router, now the 2nd moca connects to the WAN 2.5 gbps port on the 2nd ET12, now satellite.
Now in settings after you connect in WiFi you turn on Ethernet back haul. Wow this ET12 with the December update is running stunning, all 42 devices in our house perfectly, and 45 devices at work are just rocking away.
I created a IoT 2.5ghz for all of the IoT devices. The ASUS ET12 out performs the 963 hands down and with only 2 nodes. (Main and satellite)

Speeds are always just outstanding on the ET12, sooo much better than the Orbi 963 ever did (that was only slightly better than the Orbi 50)

On the Orbi 50 and 953 I would get 200-500 mbps down on Speedtest.net depending on time of day and other devices streaming.

With the ASUS ET12 it’s like an entire new network my speeds are 500-900’s and mostly in the 600-900 mbps. WiFi on my Apple TV’s never got over 200mbps on the ORBI’s 50 or 963 but now are in the 400-900mbps, mainly 500-900mbps.
This ET12 is just rock solid, it just works absolutely great. It definitely keeps my devices at the fastest they can be on WiFi all the time, vs the Orbi 50 and 953 maybe 1-3 devices are at a high speed sometimes (sometimes I had to turned WiFi off and on, to get better connection speeds on the ORBI’s ).
Aesthetically the ASUS ET12 is the best looking router, and space saving design I have ever seen.
I also purchased one ASUS ET12

(Not the 2 pack as I purchased for home) for work (work paid for it).

The work ET12 is also working stunning !!! NO drops or network issues of any kind.
All I can say is WOW!!!! This ET12 just Rocks!!!
Reference Note:
Xfinity 1.2gbps down, 20mbps up home.
Verizon fios 400mbps down and up for work.
Firmware on all ET12 home and work v3.


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Calm down, it's just a router and the rave reviews should be taken with a large dose of salt.

The more I see 5star Amazon style reviews the more I doubt their veracity.

There are plenty of reviews online saying how dire this device is , if you search you'll find other threads here on SNB forums where people had issues .

If it works for you that's great , others have been returning them.


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Should be good for the price it is.


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I have also thoroughly enjoyed this router. I replaced my RBK50 Orbi setup with these and have never looked back. Only idiosyncratic things about these is that they are very picky with the Ethernet connection--must be perfectly terminated etc whereas the Orbi dealt with it fine seemingly. However, I'm glad it helped me recognize the issue and after reterminating it works flawlessly with a wired backhaul setup.


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I agree with OP. I have never had any issue until i flashed the beta (which is understandable). It definitely smooth. So many people post issues and I wonder if its user error or a ton of interference.

That i would be able to tell but for me. It rock solid on the latest stable firmware.

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