Asus Merlin with Surfshark connection issue

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Hi Everyone,

I got some configuration issues when using my Asus AX88 with surfshark.

I have subscribed a Surfshark license on my Asus router so that I prefer most of clients will pass via VPN before accessing the web.
I have added some exception clients (for example :TVbox) which blocks VPN traffic.

I encountered problem for those clients accessing via VPN. They only work for 10 mins then all the internet traffic goes failed. I cannot ping and cannot access web site.

Having been communicated with Surfshark support for 2 hours but still no clue.

Is there any advise I can get from you guyz ?



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    Router config.png
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Look in the router's syslog for OpenVPN error messages around the time you loose the internet.

Your screenshot is too small to read.


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I'll echo the fact that your screenshot is way too small to read, but I gave it a shot anyway based on my surfshark setup

Change the following:
1. Username / Password Auth. Only - Set to No
2. Ciper Negotiation - Set to Disabled
3. TLS renogotiation time - Set to -1
4. Force internet traffic through tunnel - Set to No

Not sure if you ever came back here to check, but try that and see if you can successfully connect.


Note: Given the performance of the router, I typically do not enable surfshark at the router, especially given that you get unlimited clients, but I did get it to connect after working through a bunch of different settings and reading pretty much every config guide on their site.


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Not sure why the screenshot turns out so small after uploading.
Anyway, thanks for your advise.

It seems like I figure out the issue why it gets unstable. I have a long conversation with Surfshark and they are helpful at all. Finally, it found that the issue related to the DNS. Instead of using the ISP DNS, I used the OpenDNS and finally everything goes very well.

I was so surprised that it is the solution.


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I used the settings as follows

Authorization Mode : TLS
Username/Password Authentication : Yes
Username/Password Authentication only : Yes
Cipher Negotiation : Enable (with fallback)
Legacy cipher : AES-256-CBC
TLS control channel security : Outgoing Auth (1)
Auth digest : SHA512

TLS Renegotiation Time : 0

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