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ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 Wi-Fi speed issues on Apple devices

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New Around Here

I recently acquired an ASUS ROG Rapture GT6 Router (single unit) and the experience has been quite positive.
It is replacing an Eero Pro 6 which I've decommissioned because of privacy/control worries.

However, I've been having some issues with Apple devices, where Wi-Fi speed seems to fluctuate quite a bit despite the negotiated being locked to much higher values.
For example, on my 2020 iMac (Wi-Fi ac 2x2) negotiated speed is between 975 and around 1100 mbps, while speedtests (both through wan and iperf to a local server) range between 400 and 820mbps following no particular logic.
When I get higher speeds i notice no difference in channel, negotiated speed or anything else.
QoS is off on the router. My iPhone 13 Pro Max exhibits much of the same issues.
There are no disconnections or stability issues apart from this speed fluctuation.
I'm not even sure this has to do with awdl0, as that is known to cause ping spikes rather than actual speed issues. I was not having issues on my Eero though.
Any other Wi-Fi device in my house gets excellent, consistent results, much closer to the actual negotiated speed. For example, my Xiaomi Tablet gets 920mbps down consistently.

I keep reading of ASUS having probably the "worst" compatibility with Apple devices, but I'd like feedback from you guys

Thanks in advance

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