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Random Wi-Fi speed issues

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I am having some unusual Wi-Fi issues with my setup that I’m hoping someone can help with. I have the AT&T 2 gb service with the BGW320-500 gateway running in passthrough mode to an Asus GT-AX6000 as the main router with an RT-AX88U downstairs in AiMesh mode.

With the AX6000 I can achieve 2 gb speeds when hard wired so I know they passthrough connection is working correctly, but my Wi-Fi is really struggling. While I do not expect to really see over 1 gb speeds on Wi-Fi, the initial start up when hitting a website is slow and when doing a speed test it will show a slow initial connection (less than 50 Mbps) and then gradually ramp up to around 500-600 Mbps. I work from home and there are times during my Zoom calls where it shows an unstable internet connection which makes no sense with the setup I have.

This was also happening with the old RT-AX88U and this is why I purchased the new GT-AX6000 as we do have around 60 devices connected between all of our smart devices and cameras, so I thought maybe there was too many connections on the one router. There is obviously something else happening though and I’ve reached the max of my knowledge here.

Any thoughts or guidance on what to troubleshoot from here?
Need details on device specs and connection info.

I'd configure a test with the most simple case: the device connected line-of-sight to the GT with nothing else connected, then scope out from there.
Any thoughts or guidance on what to troubleshoot from here?

Disable all TrendMicro components and try again. Administration, Privacy (or Policy on some newer firmware versions) - withdraw data sharing agreement. Without knowing what is enabled on your router and what wireless settings you have to what clients and in what environment - impossible to help you. Mostly guessing game. Someone will recommend you a full system reset shortly - the universal solution to all Asus router issues.

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