Asus RT-AC66U B1 reboot on dhcp renew


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My Asus RT-AC66U B1 (stock fw) reboots when all dhcp leases get renewed (26 static lease of which around (15 +/-3) always active). The reason I'm sure it's because while lease time was the default 1 day it did it almost on a daily basis but now that i set the maximum 1 week, it does it in 7 day periods.
Is there a solution without trying merlin? I have nothing against it, i just don't want to reconfigure my network from scratch (at the moment).
Am I starting to outgrow the resources on the router?
I have like 15 active static dhcp clients, openvpn server, ddns, smb, aisync and download master tudned on.
The system log shows a disacoc / reauth / auth / asoc for the known clients, then i lose the router until it reboots, when it works it works, the problem appears when the dhcp lease time is up and it does a bulk renew and flush i guess.


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First, you do not have static IP's. You are using Manually Assigned IP's via DHCP.

One thing to try is to set the IP addresses of your 26 clients at the client. That way you will have true static IP addresses. To avoid having DHCP trying to assign those addresses, start the DHCP pool at a number higher than you use for static. On my LAN I reserve addresses .2 to .10 for static and start the DHCP pool at .11. Also, once a client gets an address from an Asus router, the DHCP assignment almost never changes.

The RT-AC66U_B1 may be running out of NVRAM and thus causing issues. Reducing the manually assigned pool may help.

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