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RT-AC66U-B1 behind 4G mobole router in Bridge Mode

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Hi. I have intermittent problems with an RT-AC66U-BI which is sat behind a Soyealink (Huawei) B535-33 4G mobile router. The Asus periodically loses Internet connectivity (Internet LED Red) but regains it on reboot.
The 4G router is in Bridge Mode so it is acting like a modem.
I'm wondering if the WAN settings on the Asus are the problem. At the moment the WAN Connection Type is set as "Automatic IP". Because the 4G router is in Bridge Mode DHCP settings on it are not available. I'm wondering whether, because the Asus is set to Automatic IP, it is sending DHCP requests to the mobile network which is causing a conflict with the 4G router's IP, which is of course DHCP allocated by the network (and has CGI-NAT into the bargain). Available Choices for the WAN Connection Type on the Asus are Automatic IP, Static IP, PPoE,, PPTP and L2TP. Should I set the WAN Connection Type to Static and if I do what IP should I assign? Mike
Something to try:

Reboot the network.

Note what IP address is given.

Enter that as the static IP. Cross your fingers and hope it works. :)

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