ASUS RT-AC87U Syslog Emergency tags


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Today I started getting emergency messages collected by my syslog-server sent from the router after I switched on the guest network for a Chromebook supplied to one of the kids by the school, see below (Router-IP dedacted). I try stay clear of Google/Microsoft and keep them at arms length, they tend to mess shirt up.

Even after I switched off the guest network again I still get this after each restart.
Note that the "Mastiff init" is way off in time.
Also "Got SIGTERM" is tagged as emergency.

Have no idea what Mastiff is.

Question is: Should I be concerned?
What is this?



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Thanks, will do.
But out of curiousity, what are they?
I set up my syslog early 2018 and altough I have had these alerts twice before I have probably rebooted my router a few times more (10-20 times in 4 years maybe). Seems like a deviation out of the ordinary, what may have triggered them?


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Mastiff is a closed source module so I'm not sure exactly what it does. Seems to be related to IFTTT and/or AiCloud.

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