Asus RT-AC88U DHCP Log Entries


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I have 3 cam devices set up with manually assigned IPs based on mac addresses. The devices are online and already have the correct IPs assigned. The 'System Log - DHCP Leases' show the remaining lease time correctly. Why the repeated attempts? This is just a snippet of the ongoing activity.



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This seems to be a commonly reported problem with certain IoT devices. No particular solution AFAIK.

Just curious, what is DHCP lease duration being given to the cameras?

Have you power-cycled the cameras since you setup their DHCP reservations?


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The lease duration is 24 hours I believe, and the cams were reset.

I had a similar issue with a Honeywell thermostat and ended up putting it on the guest network. I was having periodic WiFi disconnects at the time, which stopped thereafter. Apparently there are several threads regarding these thermostats and their inability to obtain and retain an IP address. Not sure why though because it was quite stable until I updated to 386.1_2. Not blaming the firmware, perhaps there's a new default setting I need to discover and adjust.


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The Honeywell thermostat connectivity issue was resolved after updating to Merlin firmware 386.2_beta2. The DHCP issues are likely caused by the cameras as mentioned.

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