Asus RT-AC88U merlin 386.1_2 - WIFI setting 5Gz issue


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Since hard reboot of my router Asus RT-AC88U (merlin 386.1_2), it's impossible to connect to the router by 5Gz
Do you know why i have this wifi icon like that?
Do you know the solution to restore fully the wifi?
Can you help me?

Many thanks for your answers



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First, reset the router this way:

  1. With the router currently running, unplug the power plug from the router, and not just from the wall socket. Leave it for at least 2 minutes and up to an hour if you can (do you have another router to use for now)? Before continuing, make sure to unplug all USB devices, and all WAN and Ethernet cables too before powering it up in the next step.
  2. Perform a WPS NVRAM Erase by holding the WPS button and connecting the power plug (make sure to have left the power switch to the 'On' position). Hold for 10 to 30 seconds and the router should reboot and should take you to the setup wizard. If it doesn't, repeat the above steps (waiting at least 2 minutes with the power off) until it goes into the setup wizard when it boots up. Note: you'll be able to see the 'Asus' SSID if it worked properly.
  3. Perform a quick/temporary wizard setup, just enough to get to the router's advanced settings. Do not reboot the router at this point.
  4. Perform a GUI initiated reset to factory defaults, making sure to also check the box that says 'Initialize all settings...' before hitting the Restore button.
  5. When the router reboots this time, perform another quick/temporary wizard setup and flash the firmware you want on the router (I'm guessing RMerlin's).
  6. After the router reboots, perform a GUI initiated reset to factory defaults one last time, making sure to check the box that says 'Initialize all settings...' before hitting the Restore button.
  7. After the router reboots this time, do a minimal and manual configuration to secure the router and connect to your ISP (plug in the WAN cable if it isn't plugged in already).
  8. Now, check the box to 'Format the JFFS partition on next boot' and make sure you hit Apply at the bottom of the page too before rebooting the router 3 times in the next 15 minutes. Waiting for at least 5 to 10 minutes between reboots.
  9. Before you go customizing the router any further, I would recommend following the beginning part of the amtm Step-by-Step guide to have a spare USB drive properly formatted, and used with a swap file. Do not add any other scripts yet through amtm until the router has proved stable to this point.

After that come back and tell us if anything changed.


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I also want to know the solution as my previous router also become like and I just believed that 5GHz chipset just died. Hope there is solution.

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